Art director, set designer & producer based between London and Prague.

Tereza completed her master of arts in Fashion Media Production at the University of the Arts in Londo, UK. She specialises in creative direction, set design and photographic and moving image production, covering all aspects of project development. This includes concepts, art directions, realisation, budgeting, logistics, art-buying, locations and set design. 

`Having over 12 years of experience as an independent photographic art director and producer, I’ve developed a diverse mix of creative contacts who I regularly partner with. Drawing on this network of talents, I can meet the specific needs of any brief, offering an innovative & effective combination of art direction, set design & production support. Working flexibly & collaboratively with my clients, I provide all the services of a boutique agency, seeing projects through from concept to execution. 

I bring a keen eye and creative energy to every project, blending imagination and practicality when faced with the inevitability of budget constraints, bad weather & tricky layouts! As testament to success I have on-going relationships with many of my clients, with some in our several season together.‘

 If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to give me a call or drop me a line. 

Nothing excites me more than the possibilities of a new brief.

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cz: +420 730 925 864